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Professional Care for Your Children

Early Explorers Learning Center

Our childcare philosophy is rooted in letting your child explore the world through fun and play. We have created a warm, loving environment in which your child feels safe and secure to learn with confidence. Our staff members are trained to care for all the physical and emotional needs of your child. We have a specialist facility to cater to the needs of your toddler and make them ready for schooling. 

Our Vision

To develop and enhance skills for physical, cognitive, social, and emotional capacities in children.

Our Mission

At Early Explorers Learning Center, a child-centred approach to learning gives a better focus on our everyday decisions. We encourage creativity in our children and embrace cultural differences. We enable social learning in children through effective socialization with peers and adults. Our goal is to fully support parents in nurturing their child’s growth. Learn more about our center by contacting us.

Our Philosophy Is to Encourage Learning Through Play

We provide a safe, nurturing, play-based atmosphere for your child, designed to promote his/her physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and creative development. Through regular activities, we involve children in physical and intellectual exercises that spark curiosity and imagination. What is important for us is that your child takes the initiative to learn. We do not intend to impose a premade template of learning on all kids. Instead, we lookout for the specific interests and talents of each child and build on those so that they emerge confident in their abilities and skills. Through our child-initiated, child-directed learning approach that is backed by the support of the teacher, our learning programs put your child in control to make learning choices.

At our childcare center in Calgary, we strive to provide for the diverse needs of children from ages one to four years as well as their families. To this end, we have an assortment of multicultural learning materials for children. Our staff is composed of teachers from diverse backgrounds, which helps develop familiarity and understanding of different cultures among children.

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Come, Visit Our Facility!

What better way to learn about us than by seeing it for yourself?

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