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Teaching Kids to Eat Right With Child Nutrition Programs in Calgary

Early Explorers Learning Center

The foundations of healthy eating habits are laid at a very young age. It is important to get your child acquainted with a wholesome, nutritious diet early on. This ensures that healthy dietary practices are carried on later in their lives. Here at Early Explorers Learning Center, we provide your child with a nutrient-packed diet to supplement their rapid physical growth. We like to ensure that children under our care have a balanced diet, with the right proportions of essential nutrients. Get in touch to know more about our child nutrition programs in Calgary or peruse through our meal options listed below:

Sample Breakfast

Pancakes, English muffins, waffles, fruit and yogurt, croissant, as well as toast.

Sample Lunch

Assorted soups, such as rice, chicken, beef barley, vegetable etc., as well as spaghetti, chicken nuggets, and beef or chicken with noodles and sauce, lasagna, as well as sandwiches.


Fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt, homemade banana or carrot muffins, whole wheat crackers and cheese. 

Nutrition for Growth and Development

Our food is carefully prepared at our learning center in Calgary. Our schedules include specific timings for breakfast and lunch interspersed with healthy snacks. We prepare our food plans for your child’s individual needs, taking into account any allergies or other dietary restrictions he/she may have. Our meal plans are informed by child nutrition programs designed by experts for the optimal growth and development of your child. 

Get a Taste of Our Childcare

Visit our facility to learn more about us and our work.

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