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A Trusted Childcare Center in Calgary, Alberta

Early Explorers Learning Center

We understand that as a parent, you want only the best for your child. With the Early Explorers Learning Center, you can be confident that your child is starting life in extraordinary ways. We encourage their active learning in an environment of warmth, positivity, and safety. Our programs are handcrafted to meet the unique needs of your child, which is of utmost importance for the child’s overall development. Your child is constantly trying to learn and explore, and we only facilitate this self-initiated process of learning. We ask you as parents to thoroughly consider the programs we offer in order to make an informed decision regarding your child’s future.

HiMama Childcare App

We aim to make learning a fun and interactive experience for your kids even during these uncertain times. We use HiMama Childcare App, which facilitates open communication with families and helps us conduct with ease.

Know What Your Kid Is Up To at All Times!

With HiMama Childcare App, you will never miss a moment! Here is how it helps you stay in the loop:

  • Receive photos of your kid along with real-time updates on various activities, whether they are eating, playing or napping.

  • Get comprehensive daily reports that aptly tell you what your child is doing during the entire day.

  • Learn what the teachers have planned for the week or month in advance by accessing calendar and activity plans.

For Parents, Grandparents & the Entire Crew

  • The app lets you add close friends and family members to the crew and share updates with them. Now it is easy for the grandma living far away to be much closer to your kid. 

  • For moments that are not meant to be shared with everyone, you can decide whom to share them with. You can choose the access for each post!

  • The HiMama Childcare App lets the entire crew come together to record and share moments of their own using their individual computer or smartphone device.

Wide-Ranging Features to Keep You Involved

With HiMama Childcare App, you will never miss a moment! Here is how it helps you stay in the loop:


Stay Up To Date Always

Connect with teachers

Communicate With Teachers


Create Treasure Portfolios

See What Parents Are Saying!

Childcare has gone digital, and it is time for you too! Still wondering what benefits and information you can get with this app when choosing Early Explorers Learning Center? Watch parents sharing their experience with the HiMama and see for yourself!

Skillfully Prepared for Extensive Learning

Instil a habit of learning in your child. Find out more about our curriculum today.

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